Club Ed is a running club whose goal is to help runners of all ages and fitness enjoy the sport of running at all levels of speed, experience, and talent. It provides organized venues for members to train and experienced guidance to help runners of all levels improve. With a low-key approach to personal improvement fueled by each runner’s individual motivation, the club provides a way for new runners to meet other local runners, discover new places to run, and to learn and practice better ways to train. It also encourages support of the local running community by helping out at local races and encouraging members to challenge themselves through periodic racing.

About Ed
Ed Avol founded Club Ed Running almost three decades ago as an informal running group. Today, the group has anywhere from 100-150 members depending on the time of year and caters to all running levels and distances.  The group typically meets 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and informally on other days throughout the week.  Workouts are typically geared towards 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon and  Marathon distances throughout the year.

Contact Info
Ed's running resume speaks for itself never having never run a marathon slower than 3 hours. See Ed Avol's Running results here. Ed can be reached at Ed @  Ed is currently Professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine at USC.  For questions about the web site please contact Jeff @