Corrine Schratz Goes Wire-to-Wire to Lead the Way 
Coach’s Handicap Race Results: 
(by Ed Avol, Cub Reporter)

On a beautiful Saturday morning in Malaga Cove (okay, a typical South Bay day), another installment of the venerated/cursed/admired/despised Coach’s Handicap Run was held. About 30 runners participated, and all of them made it back to the start/finish line. Runners left the starting gate over a 45-minute time frame, and in a rush to the finish, returned within a 9-minute window, so one might say there was a general sense of honest predictions and honest efforts on run day.

The six-plus-something course miles of scenic vistas, long straightaways, and occasional rises.bumps, hills, and mountains offered the running group an assortment of challenges. Thanks to the expert course marking of Mark Silva (and the ever-present smell of baby powder in the morning air), runners found the course easy to follow, if somewhat tougher to run. Corrine Schratz was first out the gate, and after a brief consult with the Coach, was given an extra five-minute head start, to try and equalize the racing field. As it turned out, Corrine exceeded her own expectations, and not only led the way out, but led the way in, finishing first in 75:50. Ninety seconds later, Jim O’Brien followed his bread crumbs back to the start, to confirm his steady return to racing form. Jim was chased to the finish line by Monyean Acuna, barely 8 seconds behind him and coming in strong…and then the thundering herd appeared.

Led by the amazing Debbie Richardson (on the comeback after knee surgery last year), the floodgates opened, and in the course of the next five minutes, another 24 runners barreled in, even though they had “given” each other up to a 30-minute headstart on the way out.

Both new club members and perennial favorites participated and celebrated in the event. Greg Buchbinder proudly led the “newbies” in, as the fifth runner to finish, just edging out Irene Mapua, who finished seven seconds behind him. In the “speedy” division, it was a hotly contested run. With venerated racer Jon Megeff down in San Diego breaking track records at the Police and Fire Games, Aaron Munger, Humberto Sanchez, Mark Shalvarjian, Chris DeWitt, and Rich Gust were in the hunt to make sure everyone worked. Among the group, notable honors went to Chris DeWitt, who held most of the racers off in impressive fashion. (This was Chris’ farewell of sorts, as he is moving to Sacramento; we will miss his speediness and friendship; best of luck, and drop in to run with us whenever you’re in town).

The run was not without some controversy, however, due to the usual last-minute handicap start adjustments. One of these adjustments led Course Director Mark Silva to change one entrant’s race name from “Rich Gust” to “Rich-lying-piece-of-…”, but it was all in good fun, and Rich–whatever-his-last-name-is finished strong.

Following the run, two tables of food and drink were shared by the runners, and assorted gag and gift awards were provided by Coach Ed and Diane Silva, our Awards Chief for the run. Thanks to all for attending, providing the food and drink, and participating in a fun club event…see you next year!