MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Club Ed Racers at Magic Shoe 5K…

The May USATF Club Road-Racing Series moved to Orange County for a fast 5K around Corona Del Mar HS, on Saturday May18…and Club Ed racers were there!

We came with almost 20 runners, ready to test the fast and well-organized race, which was overseen by Coach Bill Sumner of Cal Coast Running Club (thanks, Bill, for a great job!).

When the smoke cleared, the crying stopped, the butter got hard, the jello stopped jiggling (or was that my stomach?), we had another impressive showing…though we were somewhat overwhelmed by the numbers of Cal Coast runners (100?200?) and the speed in the race.

The overall race was won by 24yr old Jordan Chipangama (Flagstaff AZ) in 14:24, while on the women’s side, Belainshe Gebre (26yrs old) tore through the course in 15:55. Our racers’ times are shown below. We had some impressive racing debuts with the team (nice to have Jeff, Kevin, Chuck, Mike, Tami, Diane, and Mark out), some welcome returns (Nathalie & Alison are back leading the way), a few PRs (Aaron and Sabina, nice work!), some encouraging returns to racing (Jake, Sharon, Karina), our go-to guys (Humberto, Jon, Rich, Mark)and some wake-up calls for steady improvement (well, all of us could improve, can’t we?).

Congratulations on a race well-run!