Coach's Handicap 10K

11:28:00 AM

Head-To-Head Racing? Age-Adjusted Performance?

Announcing…the 2012 Edition of the Coach’s Handicap Run & Breakfast!

For those who remember (or still try to forget), this intra-club event pits you against your teammates, taking into account your current level of physical fitness…or lack thereof.

Give me your HONEST estimate of how fast you can run a 10K right now, and we will handicap your starting time, and run a “fitness-adjusted” 10K in Palos Verdes on Saturday morning July 21. In this race, slower runners start first with the biggest time adjustments, and we will hold back the faster runners…if we do this right, there should be a shoulder-to-shoulder tie (of everyone) at/near the finish line.

So come on out and be a part of a unique event…Run the race, then stay for breakfast!

WHEN: Sat July 21, First Runner starts at 7:30 AM
WHERE: Malaga Cove School playing fields (Paseo Del Mar side, at the end of the street, just above the Palos Verdes Beach Club in Malaga Cove)
WHAT: a hilly 10K course along Paseo Del Mar, out and back from Malaga Cove School
WHO: Open to all Club Ed runners
HOW: Race Director (and Head Handicapper) Mark Silva will “adjust” your start times, based on your current estimated 10K (NOTE - we reserve the right to adjust “your” adjust if we think you are messing with us…)
WHY: just because…

(What’s makes more sense than to run your guts out, then stuff yourself?)

Sign-up / Volunteer to bring all kinds of goodies (juice, water, sports drinks, fruit, breakfast burritos, bagels, cream cheese, lox, muffins, doughnuts, croissants, sandwiches,…feed your friends; fatten up your competitors!