Absent from last year’s race, Nathalie Higley returned to the streets of Hermosa Beach to win the women’s division in the 6th Hermosa Beach 5000, outpacing her nearest competitor by four minutes while breaking her own course record. 16 minutes, 56 seconds shattered the record of 17:20 she set in 2010. In 2009, she posted a time of 17:23 to capture the women’s title.

The fastest time of the day went to Humberto Sanchez, who finished the race in 16:14, just 22 seconds off the event record of 15:52 set by David Williams in 2009. Sanchez held off Chris DeWitt (16:20) and Aaron Munger, (16:55) to secure the victory.

Male runners placing first in their age group were Wiley Cubic (1-10, 22:18), Kevin Mauge (11-14, Hermosa Beach, 19:14), Patrick Kinley (15-18, West Des Moines, Iowa, 17:10), Coca Puff (19-29, Rancho Palos Verdes, 17:56), Dewitt (30-34), Sanchez (35-39), Michael Fincham (40-44, Torrance, 18:01), Bob Krauth, 45-49, Redondo Beach, 18:41), Jim Newman (50-54, 20:42), James O’Brien (55-59, Rancho Palos Verdes, 20:12), Ken Taylor (60-64, Manhattan Beach, 26:17), John Clarke (65-69, Manhattan Beach, 23:02) and Bob Trujillo (80-98, Rolling Hills, 29:32).

Females finishing first in their age divisions were Piper Newton (1-10, Hermosa Beach, 23:34), P.J. Sundeen (11-14, Hermosa Beach, 24:44), Somer Dice (15-18, Manhattan Beach, 29:32), Megan McConnell (19-29, Redondo Beach 27:02), Laura Staves (30-34, Redondo Beach, 25:19), Nicole Butte (35-39, Redondo Beach, 24:49), Higley (40-44), Silva (45-49), Susan Meistrell (50-54, Redondo Beach, 23:17), Leslie Cohen (55-59, Santa Monica, 22:06), Janice Yates (60-64, Hermosa Beach, 46:24) and Sue Reinhardt (65-59, Rancho Palos Verdes, 26:40).

Age division winners in the Kids Races were Quinn Satow (12, Hermosa Beach), Cole Gamble (11, Manhattan Beach), Grayson Doody (10, Hermosa Beach), Frankie Reid-Gagnon (9, Palos Verdes), Alex Mainvielle (8, Torrance), Mia Minestrella (7, Redondo Beach), Slater Smith (6, Hermosa Beach), Samantha Brecker (5, Redondo Beach), Patrick Behan (4, Hermosa Beach) and Wyatt Mason (3, North Hollywood).

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Dr. John Pagliano
I am sorry to have to share some sad news yesterday, Dr. John Pagliano, passed away after a continued fight with an aggressive and rare cancer.

I had known John for over 40 years, as a runner, as a podiatrist, as someone I was proud to refer runners to and call a friend.

Many of us run, train, and race thanks to John's talents, perspectives, and support as a podiatrist, runner, and surgeon. How many of us saw him as a patient, referred others to him, listened to his advice, and would literally run into him on trails or runs throughout PV?

He was a legend in the running community, for giving advice on shoes, on foot injuries, on surgery when needed. John always had a way of getting you back out running when it seemed like others said there was no way it could happen.

I will always remember with a smile that little shuffle, those big-boat shoes slopping along on the trails, that twinkle in his eye as he would walk into the patient room and say, "Hey, how's it going? What's going on?"...and that perennial optimism that began with the fundamental understanding that injured or not, you were going to be running, so he was going to work with you and figure out a way to make that happen...

So many people pass through our lives...John is an unforgettable one who will be missed by so many for all he did, for all he helped, for who he was.

Thanks for all the help, John...
Ed Avol

Jon Megeff Not Pictured Above
Congrats to Everyone Who Survived The Brutal Heat
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Hermosa Beach 5000 and City Walk 
Saturday, April 21st at 7:30AM
Time Schedule
Skateboard 5K, 7:30am (12 and under)
Baby Jogger 5K, 7:31am (all ages)
5K Run Men, 8:10am (all ages)
5K Run Women, 8:45am (all ages)
City Walk, 8:45am (all ages)
Kids Races:
09:50 - Age 12 - 1 Mile
10:00 - Age 11 - 1 Mile
10:10 - Age 10 - 1 MIle
10:20 - Age 9 - 1 Mile
10:30 - Age 8 - 1 Mile
10:40 - Age 7 - 1/2 Mile
10:50 - Age 6 - 1/2 Mile
11:00 - Age 5 - 1/2 Mile
11:10 - Age 4 - 1/4 Mile
11:20 - Age 3 - 100 Yards
11:30 - Age 2 - 25 Yards
Entry Fee
$35 for 5K Run, BabyJog, or City Walk
$25 for Skateboard 5K, and Kid's Races
Add $5 after 4/11